Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Playing Well With Others

Can I admit it? Okay I will. I haven't been in a play with other actors since 1987 when I directed and performed in a production of "The Sunshine Boys" with my two former High School teachers Jerry Starr & Ron Swick.

That show was a blast and Buffalo's own Diva Mary Kate O'Connell rescued our production by coming in last minute to play the "older nurse". Back then I played the 30-something nephew Ben.

It isn't that I'm anti-social...it's just that performing solo as Mark Twain, Charles Dickens and as myself with Puppets & Magic has been EASIER to schedule. The BIG advantage was being able to rehearse whenever & wherever I could squeeze it in (In the car, in the shower-in the basement-but only when no one is home!)

Working nights for 10 years made it impossible to be in anything with anyone! My schedule now (getting up at 2am-and in bed by 7pm) has made it almost as difficult-but recently I bit the bullet and signed on to do a play with the Springville Center For The Arts. We rehearsed 3 nights a week-from 6:30-8:30pm-with my head hitting the pillow about 10 pm...leaving 4 hours of shut eye. Those 2am wake-up calls the morning have been painful.

The result is a show I'm proud to be a part of. We have four performances under our belts with another four scheduled for this weekend. Yes-I'm in "The Sunshine Boys" again!-but this time out-Doug Bailey took care of the directing duties and I got to play the 70-something Willie Clark.
My partner in crime Rick Manzone takes on the role of Al Lewis. It's a 1972 Neil Simon comedy-and provides tons of BIG laughs. I hope you can see it! Last 4 performances Thurs.-Sunday Oct. 27-30th. Call Springville Center or The Arts for tickets 716-592-9038.